Raw Material

A standard and quality raw material is the essential requirements for any quality finished product. We import scrap and rework them to produce rods of desired shapes and sizes. We have Melting units to convert these scraps to raw materials for machining. We also get special graded Extruded Material as CZ 121, CZ122, HTB1, CuZn40, BS 319, C36000, C37000 etc. We provide tested certificates for materials with the supply. The third party inspection is also allowed on demand.


We have our in built casting facility where we use the imported scraps and melt them. By melting we make these scraps to different shapes and sizes, as per our requirement and then forwarded to our machining department for further processes.


We have in house forging presses of 200 Metric Tones, All the forging dyes are developed in house, and we have our own tool room. We can also supply parts customer drawings and forged components are then shot blasted for better finish and then stress relieved.

Manufacturing and Machining

We have Manual, Semi Automatic and automatic turning machines with an accuracy of +_0.05mm tolerance.

Surface Finish and Plating

We have in house plating facility. Various plating as per customers demand are done such as Lacquering, S.S Finish, Antique Finish, Copper Finish, Chrome Plating, Satin Chrome, Gold Plating etc.

Product Range